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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Turtle Log: an allegory of the messenger effect

The Turtle Log is an allegory of the spirit of the present moment in time. 

A moment when deceit is the apostle of truth. 

A moment when up and down are in doubt.
A moment when all the world has become unintelligible.

This is the moment to shut off the news 
and spend time alone.  

For months. Longer if necessary. 

 Do not let yourself adjust to 
or accept the constant lying as the norm. 

If you do, you are lost!!!

By eliminating the language of liars from your mind you will remove the intended effects 
of the messengers of deceit 
and restore equilibrium 
so that you can once again 
evaluate your experience rationally. 

It is not possible to make sense of mad men
when it is they who provide the explanation. 

They ain't selling what you want anyhow. 
It's not like you're going to miss anything.

Enjoy the video, it was fun making it.

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