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Monday, February 20, 2017

President's Day Cancelled This Year (Pie In The Face News)

This year due to the uncertain circumstances as reported in CrimeWire, as well as virtually every other media outlet, surrounding the Presidential election the traditional celebration of the holiday is being suspended by public opinion. 

The majority of Americans have lost interest in having anything to do with President Trump or anything he has to say.  

They also have lost confidence in the media which has failed to pick up on the fact that there are more possibilities available to aid the American people than Republicans or Democrats care to imagine.  

The lowering of the bar which allowed a Trump Presidency reveals the spiritual decline of the nation. Truth and justice are no longer automatically associated with the American Way under the Trump Administration. This report by Think Progress gives just a sample of Trump lies that have taken the joy out of the American Spirit and replaced it with fear and uncertainty as this report in Rolling Stone reveals.  

A resulting glom has overtaken the nation like a plague. The Guardian reveals why. At first it appeared as if there was no will to resist left in the heart of the American people who have seen their lives grow progressively more difficult and fearful since the 1980's. But the popular support for refusing to celebrate President's Day 2017 belies the idea that the American Spirit has been completely stamped out by the anti-human goals and initiatives reported by The Atlantic concerning the Trump Administration. 

All of these features of the Trump Administration have caused the collective angst of the populace to demand that no President's Day celebration be held this year or in any year in which Donald Trump is President.  The rallying cry which galvanized the nation and raised the almost dead Spirit of America back to life was "No way, Jose."

Those words, whether they portray an actual event, or were actually spoken are attributed to an unknown member of the Sanctuary Movement and they reveal the depravity and anti-human nature which is at the heart of the Trump Presidency. 

So how did the phrase come to motivate the people to take such a decisive and unprecedented action? The story is told of the pastor of a Sanctuary Church clasping to his chest a small boy who is trembling and shaking with terror and stricken with the fear of being sent back across the border to his death by Trump.  

With tears streaming down both their faces, witnesses say, the unnamed pastor hugged the little boy as if never to let him free from his grasp while repeating over and over the now familiar rallying cry: "No way Jose, they will never send you away."  

And that is how President's Day during the Trump Presidency has been removed from the list of national holidays. 

If you're thinking that it isn't fair or even right to make up stories about the President just remember the story about George Washington and the cherry tree wasn't factually correct either.  

  This has been a PIE IN THE FACE NEWS report

Most of the details are partially true
some completely fabricated
it doesn't matter anyhow
the Spirit is Right On

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