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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Some Lessons From The Waterside

In this small pond a number of different creatures live. They get along well with each other sharing themselves and their environment.

These daunting times are the most important moments of our collective human experience. We know the kind of people who have taken over, we know their goals and institutions have no intention of improving our well being or seeing to it that our needs as human beings are being met. 

These institutions have proven themselves to be anti-human by waging unprovoked wars and engaging in the denial of aid to refugees from those wars and by denying aid to the citizens at home.  

Building a wall to starve children is anti-human. There is no way it can be successfully argued that starving children is what the founding fathers had in mind. But yet starving children, if they are called 'illegals', is perfectly politically correct under the Trump regime. We are on the verge of losing our soul with this kind of policy. 

We know these things are anti-human.  We cannot allow ourselves to become anti-human simply because the institutions which run  our lives are anti-human. 

Avoid their information, sit by the waterside, and reclaim your own mind with your own common sense.  Turning off the news is the way to reclaim your humanity.  

It's time to say "Fuck you" to anti-human policies and the way by which anti-human policies are produced and encouraged.

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