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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Three Spooky Letters or Keeping An Eye On You

After watching Democracy Now on November 4, 2013 (click here to watch the news report) I made the art below. After watching the report you'll have an idea why I was inspired to make the art in the video below.

While feeling numb like a man who had been betrayed by his best friend I began doodling with the three letters NSA. If you are not dead you know those three letters have caused a big stir around the nation and world in recent months. So I began to shuffle the letters and they became so much like the gobbledygook they represent. For a Wikipedia definition of gobbledygook click here

Some people are offended by the use of the word gobbledygook. Maybe they've had a bad experience with it at one time.

Whatever the reason is I made the art and video below. Sometimes it just ain't worth watching the news. But sometimes you get inspired.

Enjoy, have a nice daydream.

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