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Friday, November 29, 2013

Crime and Punishment: re-thinking the message of Christ in the Book of Revelation

"Crime and Punishment" is my take on the New Testament book of Revelation.

It seems clear to me from the parables of Christ that his teaching was intended to open the minds of men and women to a greater understanding of the meaning of their existence.  This story (in the previous link) he told of the wayward son who wasted all his father gave him is generally taught as a story of forgiveness.  However it is more than that because it reveals that the son is not merely forgiven but a child of the house he left. He was always the son of the Father, he would always be the son of the Father. And that never changed. He may have ended up in the gutter with a meth pipe in his mouth, but he was still able to come home freely to his Father. His Father did not lay any guilt trips on him when he came home. The purpose of Christ's teaching was to show those who were wallowing in misery the nature of their own being that somebody, their maker, thought they were worth something. Not only that, he didn't hold anything against them.

The activity of the Christian Church through the ages is evidence it never understood what Jesus was talking about. It made 'politically correct' decisions enabling it to harmonize with the status quo orchestrated by the secular state. Thus the Church became Babylon, the whoring wife of Christ, who declared his kingdom was not of this world.

Christian doctrine has, in my way of thinking, turned Christ into a joke. It presents a God who will send a man to burn in hell forever if he has failed to confess the theft of a candy bar as a child. The English executed people for offenses like that at one point in their history.

They never claimed that the judge loved them while he was hanging them for petty theft or that he was  'merciful' for sending them to the hell hole of Australia. It was representative of the justice of the elite classes defending their private property. These petty thieves were people that needed to be gotten rid of. The book "Orphans of History: The Forgotten Children of the First Fleet" by Robert Holden is an eye opener.  It gives a look into that history of Great Britain which claims the name of Christ and his religion as theirs. The book is hard to find, but I suggest getting a copy and reading it.

The video below is the result of meditating on the meaning of Christ apart from sectarian interpretations.

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