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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Advice For Kings: The Bible And Beer Stamps

The bible often has some down to earth advice.  Proverbs 31: 1-7 is a good example:

There were no Presidents, or Prime Ministers when, Solomon wrote this book of Wisdom.  But they did have kings to run things and Solomon was a king.  He was a powerfully literate and passionate person. He enjoyed poetry, pursuits of the intellect and spirit as well as the pleasures of the flesh. Apparently he paid very little heed to his mothers advice. 

He possessed virtually unlimited wealth. But it seems he had the same concerns the less well off have.  He questioned if man was any better off than an animal.  Like the author of the book of Job, Solomon asked the big questions wealth could not silence.

Solomon, Job, and the bible in general encounter the condition of poverty based misery and the seeming meaninglessness and lack of purpose for human life. When a person looks back over the decades and sees he or she is only deeper in debt and much more older and tired than when they started out the question of the purpose and meaning of life seems clear.  We exist to work and pay taxes to the government even though the result is debt and misery and finally death. Many chafe at this interpretation of life. Many cannot accept that such a condition is all that can be hoped for.  But it is the 'official' answer. Don't you think the human spirit deserves a better answer?

I can't recall in my lifetime a period of more misery in the U.S. and world in general as there is now. The current state of affairs is ripe for a righteous leader to stand up and see that the people get Beer Stamps.  

It is, after all, conditions such as those oppressing 99 % of the world today that make it plain that it is time to issue Beer Stamps. It's in the bible.  It's the kings job. Or for an American, its the Presidents job to see that the poor have enough beer to make them forget their troubles. That can only be accomplished through implementation of a nationwide Beer Stamp program similar to the food stamp program already in place for the economically disenfranchised.

Below is a video I made promoting a universal Beer Stamp program.  Enjoy.

Petition your lawmakers.  Alert the beer distributors in your area. Alert the restaurants and bars they serve. Talk to everyone you meet about the need for a universal Beer Stamp program.

Beer consumption is expected to increase a minimum of 400 percent if the Beer Stamp measure is approved. This will mean a huge boon for the entire industry.  Analysis shows that at first a spike in consumption twice that estimate is expected to be reached.  Then there will be a slow dropping off to the projected new 'normal'  level representing an increase of 4 times over the pre Beer Stamp era.

Everyone I've spoken with has thought it was a good idea. If there was ever a time for Beer Stamps it is now.

Contact your representatives and get the ball, or in this instance the keg,  rolling.

(C) 2013 David H. Roche

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