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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mysteries And Dreams From Before Time

The images in the video,with the exception of my stock characters and backgrounds, were made in the month of December 2013. They are the result of mediating on the meaning of the "Kingdom of God" Jesus spoke about. I began to consider the topic as it is associated with the spiritual nature of the human being.

Jesus was apolitical.  He demonstrated that position several times.  One of them was in his encounter in the desert and the temptations of Satan. Another in his 'render unto Caesar' statement. I always had the idea that Jesus was not the least bit concerned with the existential turmoils in day to day life.  He offhandedly dismisses the problems of life with the thought that each day comes with all the trouble you need.  As if to say; "Well yes life is made up of a lot of suffering.  Did you expect something different?"

I have come away from reading his statements feeling as if Jesus was in possession of information he desperately wished to communicate. It didn't seem to bother him that he was homeless. He felt he was in possession of information so important he must spread it until he was executed.  He insisted his knowledge was something which abrogated and transcended temporal political, social matters. He repeatedly said his Kingdom was not of this world.  What world was it of? What did he mean?

The ancient literature from many cultures represents the physical world as being in the midst of, helped by and often at the mercy of spiritual beings. Literally, these spiritual powers are said to be all around us.

How are such realities described in 21 century jargon?  The gains in the knowledge and recognition of 'consciousness' as the basis of being for all things may be helpful in understanding what Jesus understood as the basis of the message hidden in his parables.

Jesus, as Christ and Lord, is represented by Paul the Apostle as being the sum of all knowledge, which is a fitting way to describe the origin of all things. These of course are metaphors.  Metaphors of something Paul also said was so real no one has ever imagined, or begun to imagine what it, the spiritual world, is like.  But, Paul claimed, it is more real and better than can be imagined.

All of these mysteries point to the ultimate mystery of 'being': the place before time where dreams come from.

Mysteries And Dreams From Before Time

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