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Monday, December 02, 2013

Ballroom of the Moon: a video Christmas Card From Jack and Qkjea (update)

Christmas is a time when a large number of those living on the earth make special note of the spiritual dimension of life.

In the Christian worldview there is understood to have taken place a dramatic breakthrough from one dimension, the spiritual, into another dimension, this one.

This has had startling and long lasting effects. Christians understand Christmas is a time when God is represented as having come to aid and bring relief to those living on earth.  It is a story of hope, peace and joy.

I made a video with Jack and Qkjea titled "Ballroom of the Moon".

It's a fanciful peace built around the spiritual suppositions that arise from the teaching of the Kingdom of God which Christ re-introduced into the human meme pool in a most astonishing and tragic way.

Christ brought knowledge he scattered like seed throughout the consciousness of the human mind in the first century.  It is still bearing fruit to this day. It has a liberating, refreshing, rejuvenating impact on those in whom his teaching is cultivated.

The purpose of inserting this knowledge into human consciousness was so that the mind might be transformed  by knowledge and understanding and its possessor transferred into the spiritual dimension.

It may be necessary to let go of church and doctrine before recognizing Christ's voice.  Doctrines often function like obstacles limiting your ability to come in contact with the life and vitality Jesus said were in his words.

Christmas, by virtue of its reminder of God's solidarity with the world of flesh and blood, allows the opportunity to consider the meaning of your life, the fact that you exist.

How did that happen? How is it you are even reading this page?  How do you know you are reading this page?  The answer is: Because "I am." 

Because "You Are". The Christ in Christmas opens up this mystery. But he's hard to discover in doctrinally constructed belief systems.

Christ is a Spirit

Spirit is like knowledge, it is intangible and at the same time real. Spirit is like water, it will get into anything given enough time.

If you are real God must be too. The only earthborn critters known to vocalize about God have been humans. What is God?  God is that which is recognized as having existence prior to us and knowledge beyond our comprehension but which we imagine exists. The concept of LOGOS is a starting place to begin the inquiry. You'll see how nicely the concept of LOGOS moves through human inquiry fitting into the meaning attributed to Christ. You may be able to intuit how this is spiritual and why the universe is ultimately a friendly place.


Below is a video I made with the thought found in Revelation 13 verse 8.  Jesus is said to be the "Lamb" slain from the foundation of the world.  This statement by John indicates the eternal purpose of God is one of peace, and reconciliation.  Atonement.  The video fits in with the Christmas theme.  The babe in the manger has not expressed the extent of God's commitment to the created order until he is revealed as the slaughtered Lamb of God.

Merry Christmas

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