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Monday, December 09, 2013

I Remember You ( a reading of a Christmas story )

I posted the story in text and it has gotten a lot of  readings since November 18.  I decided to make an audio version with art to reveal the Christmas experience.  If you would like to download it to share I have made a podcast of it at Buzzsprout.  You can get to it by clicking here

The story should be understood as a commentary of current events.  Consider the Pawn Broker Goldfarb to be the banksters who have removed hope from all who live on earth. They are the ones who put people on the street, starving, cold and homeless.  They are heartless, bloodless bastards, but considered to have all the rights of living, breathing, suffering human beings by the United States Supreme Court. This means you are screwed.

Christmas is a time of hope and peace.  Your can still have hope.

The President is eating well this Christmas season and has heat in his house.  Is that your experience?  Are you able to afford the necessities of life?

May Christ be a light in your heart this season. There is no hope in this world controlled by the people who control it now.

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