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Monday, August 15, 2016

Anguish and Mystery (new video and art)

"Anguish and Mystery" is a short video made from art I made mostly in the last month or two.  It is accompanied by a soundtrack composed and performed by Bill Canino used here with permission.

The theme is one that fills my mind. Why is it the world is so screwed up?   Why does it appear that our lives are nothing more than seeds scattered by the wind against the backdrop of our own puny existence? Why does it seem that the more we try to fix  things the worse things become?  The political answers fail to make sense and the only thing people feel they can do is to vote for one side or the other.

So I'm left with questions.  In view of human history what right do we have to think we can finally get it right and fix the problem? Does our existence mean anything at all if we stumble through life like Albert and Costello and that's all we do?  Is it possible we will never understand each other?  Something to think about anyhow.

And yet the biblical command is to be fruitful and multiply. 

The beat keeps going on and on I guess.

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