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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Daydream on the Lawn (video and art and music)

While relaxing on a hot August afternoon in the flickering mosaic of shadows and sunlight on the grass beneath my cherry tree Sativa Sam appeared.  Sam's a cannabis gnome.  One of many such personalities who travel the planet and bless the marijuana harvests and make sure there's enough for everyone who wants it. 

Some growers will not harvest without Sam's blessing having first been made at the very beginning and again at the harvest. You can imagine this keeps him quite busy.  He told me he had all he could do just to keep on top of the growing situation in Oregon and was probably going to limit his activities to that state.  "I'm tired of traveling," he said. 

Well that was news. So I was surprised to see him show up and besides, I don't have anything to bless. But he said he likes to surprise people by just showing up and sharing what he had found at his last blessing stop.  

 While we shared a bowl from his stash he pointed out the painting on the lawn and suggested I make the video so I did. 

The soundtrack is a composition by Bill Canino titled "Pondering".


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