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Friday, August 19, 2016

Meet the FUGS; a vintage rock group from the 1960's

I wanted to share this insight with you.  It is a musical insight by a group you may never heard of.  They were called the Fugs. They made their mark in the Era first influenced by the Beats and Andy Warhol and the crazy emerging LSD scene that took over the artistic 'underground' of the lower east side of NY and also went on to influence an entire generation. 

They attempted and failed to exorcise the Pentagon of evil spirits.

The Fugs were the archetypal prophets of a society bent on self destruction.  They were the type of artist group that comes along once in a generation due to the needs of that generation.  In their art they took society by the balls and squeezed really hard. Many laughed and some wanted to help squeeze. SHOULD WE KEEP SQUEEZING?

The Verge has produced some photos of an artistic bushwhacking involving Donald Trump, the obnoxious Republican candidate for President.  You can see those statues which appeared like mushrooms overnight in cities across the nation.  Take a look if you dare.  The artists made the statue with no testicles and a very small penis.  

But, in a lighter tone their sarcasm comes through with a bite. Perhaps the most anguish a person can feel is when someone whom they love rejects them.  The Fugs recorded "Homemade Shit (my baby done left me)" to deal with such circumstances, which I encountered some time around 1969. 

I encountered the Fugs in the record department of a discount department store in 1969.  (around that time) I had never seen anything like that  but I had recently for the first time just taken acid and it and they blew my mind and opened up an entire new way of looking at the world around me and the reporting of the news.  Check them out.

You may find activism like this is needed today. 

There would be more links in this report but when I BING the Beat Generation, LSD and Andy Warhol BING tells me no dice, no can do.  Why the fuck is BING withholding these resources?  I'll leave that answer up to you. For the time being FUCK BING! 

If you have another search engine look up the beat generation, the Fugs, Andy Warhol and the LSD scene of the east village and lower eastside during the period of their popularity. It's a whole other way of looking at things.  See if some search engine allows you to get results on this topic. It's important.

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