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Monday, August 22, 2016

Voting For Trump Or Clinton Continues The Legacy Of G.W. Bush and Barack Obama Another Eight Years

For as long as I can remember there has been either a Republican or a Democrat as President.  Those making the laws have also been mainly either Republican or Democrat.  There have been some who call themselves Independents.  I find such a designation to be misleading because all of these so called Independent candidates have been philosophically in line with the capitalist paradigm of the market which is represented by the words "Wall Street". This makes them essentially identical as far as the results they can accomplish are concerned. 

If you cannot remember that it was Wall Street Capitalists that struck the death blow to the U.S. economy you should not be voting, period!

It is the Republican, Democrat and Independent lawmakers that ran to the rescue of the bankers who damn near bankrupted the nation following capitalist principles of finance approved by Republican, Democratic and Independent lawmakers.  Bill Clinton stands accused for his roll in signing the law which gave the nations future to that notorious bunch of no good bastards who have come to be  referred to as 'Banksters'.  Now his wife wants your vote.  I am beside myself imagining the stupidity of a nation that could consider for more than a second Hillary Clinton as President of the United States. I just shake my head thinking of Trump, 'The Peoples Billionaire', and how that reflects on the average citizens knowledge of the history of financial depressions.  There's a little video here that explains the problem.

The internet is buzzing about the size of Donald Trumps Penis. The reason is that Candidate Trump played right into Rubio's ploy of subliminally insulting his manhood.  If you look at it that way Trump comes off looking as credible as Ben Carson.   Here's some mainstream reports revealing the man Trump who wants your vote. 

That Republicans are considering choosing this man to represent the nation should give sober minded Americans a time out to think about what it actually means.  The Republicans have produced a clown show and the Democrats have produced a con job.  Nero is fiddling, you don't have to dance.

So what can a sensible person do?  He or she can realize it is the capitalist principles of the Market and Wall Street that have been served by our Republican, Democratic and Independent  lawmakers and that those principles are the reason the U.S. has failed to serve its citizens faithfully.   In the video at this link is an example from 1929 of how Capitalism and the Banksters go about taking apart a nation.  These videos show how violent the grip of those who control the economy is.  

A sensible person will conclude it is the faithfulness to the needs of those 'Banksters' and Masters of Finance and Capital who hurt us the most and which has turned the American Dream into a nightmare on Main Street.  It is the Bankster sector of society which has stripped the value of everyday life from the hopes of those who live here in America.  These people need to be brought under democratic control and I do not mean the control of the
DNC,  I mean a Democracy of you and me, THE PEOPLE, the ones who eat and drink and mate and breathe air...
you know... real people. Not the corporate assholes confirmed as people by a ruse of law that have turned the world into the way you see it now. If these people are legitimatized by law it means we are ruled by DEVILS!  

A sensible voter will not vote for a person whose life has been in service to those who have hurt America.  A sensible person will not vote for anyone who wishes to help these Masters of Finance.  You might want to ruminate on this piece of information about whom it is the Clinton foundation is benefiting.    Do you really want these people running your life and your world?

This election may be the last hurrah for everyone not in the top income brackets.   

I plan to vote for Jill Stein the Green Party Candidate.  You will notice that you may not see her covered in the political news in the same way that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are. There's a reason for that.  

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