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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Making Everyday Independence Day One State At A Time

Marijuana advocates have weathered a long hard storm of oppression. First there was a legal system dispensing outright lies. This produced a populace of docile receptors of information input from government experts.  It also produced an entire new class of criminals who were made criminals for their personal choices. The anti marijuana laws were an outright assault on the integrity of the individual when weighed against the priorities of the governments necessity to lie.  Downright scare tactics and deception were the rules when anti drug policy was peddled to the public.

The 'Rockefeller' drug laws were perhaps the harshest in the history of the so called civilized world.  I knew a young man whose father kicked him out of the house over this issue at that time.  I've heard stories from those years that parents, engulfed in the anti marijuana hysteria of the Rockefeller era, turned their kids into the police in the hopes that prison would straighten them out.  I can't document that, but this was the SPIRIT OF THE AGE back in 1970.

How times have changed.  This year five more states will decide by election day whether or not they can trust themselves to use marijuana.  This state of affairs must put a big smile on Willie Nelson's face.

I made the video below as a celebration of Freedom in Oregon for the 4th of July 2016.  Everyday is Independence Day here.

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