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Saturday, December 10, 2016

30 Years Of Pipeline Accidents

I came across an article you can read it to at by clicking on the title at the top of the page.  In the article you will find a detailed discussion on the safety and transportation of fossil fuels.  Today a report by The Young Turks confirms the danger these oil people present to air breathing water drinking, family raising people. As luck would have it the Trump Administration is unlikely to care all that much for those who breathe air, drink water and give birth.

As luck would have it I was sent by Google this link to some revelations from the past by Rant! James Ambas youtube channel  which are relevant today. It's long so take off your ostrich hat and sit down with a drink or a joint and listen to it.

In the article you will find some informative and at the same time distressing maps showing all the accidents over a thirty year period and you will also be able to see the results of the accidents. One map has red dots that appear everywhere there was a fatal accident.  It will probably make you sick at heart as you watch the dots appear. But then you may be encouraged to be decisive enough to take a stand against such foolishness. You could be next.  You have as much to fear as those already slain had to fear.  Meanwhile, KARMA visits Corpus Christi Texas and poisons its water with unknown petroleum contaminants just before Christmas causing great hardship on the locals.

A while back I made a blog post about an ecological catastrophe caused by a corporate agency.  It's humorous, a tongue in cheek  News From The Future report on the fire at the fresh air works in Pistol Whip.  It's an ironic look at the way the corporate state responds to environmental collapse and the poor souls on whom it is collapsing.

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