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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Reconsidering The Topic Of Fake News

Here is an alternative point of view from a youtube channel titled, of all things, "Truthstreammedia" on the topic and scope of this FAKE NEWS bullshit. Take a look at the video. It's not that long. Is this report bullshit? Or do you think there's something to it?  Before you go here's a report from Boiling Frogs Post on the topic identifying those whose actively promote fake news with terrible consequences.

The freedom to criticize the government or perhaps some businesses may be rescinded if some kind of limitations on speech follow.  A case in point I found on AMTV. 

That's the danger.

Really! Do you need someone to explain things for you?

Are you that stupid?

Someone thinks you are not able to decide for yourself. Someone who wants to make sure the news says the 'right' thing.

Let me give you an example. If you learned that North Dakota had suffered from 85 pipeline failures in the past 20 years would you be persuaded that pipelines were necessary and above all safe?  It's true.  Since 1996 there have been 85 pipeline failures in North Dakota alone.  Ask yourself why it is the Water Protectors who are getting the heavy handed treatment? Come on. You know.  Talk about it with your friends and neighbors. Water is important, we can live without tar sand.

Fake News can consist of simply not reporting the news.  You did not know of the 85 pipeline accidents in North Dakota.  The Fake News did not inform you.   

Frankly I've been told the 'truth' by religions which turned out to be untrue and I've been told the 'truth' by governments that turned out to be untrue.

When it comes down to picking the right liar in order to find out what's going on it really improves your chances of becoming totally confused and easily manipulated. That's the purpose of FAKE NEWS.

As a result the best approach is don't start off as a believer. Begin the reading of the daily news with skepticism and make your own decision. That makes sense doesn't it? 

Another thing. Begin to question authority more frequently. In a republic like the U.S. the citizen is the boss the government always wants to alter that relationship.

One positive mental exercise is to trace back your opinions to their sources. What mental effect have accessing those sources of information had on you? 

Getting a grip on things like this can help you get back in charge of understanding information. You've got a brain, you've lived a life. You should be able to understand the news all by yourself.

There is more than one opinion on this topic of FAKE NEWS. The only one that matters is yours, because it is your opinion that makes your world. 

Don't let some jerk talk you out of having a good day.

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