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Monday, December 05, 2016

Conspiracy Vault: the value of FAKE NEWS

Note: the statement attributed to Benjamin Franklin is not an exact quotation.  I thought it was when I discovered it.  However it is difficult to think he would disagree with the thought being the outright radical he was.

Conspiracy vault.  A collection of radio shows with conspiracy researcher Mae Brussell dealing with some of the more suspicious events in American history.  All of Maes work predates the Oklahoma City bombing. Her work, much of it, if not all of it was done before the days of the internet, is the result of painstaking decades and long hours of daily reading and filing and cross-referencing.  It's a treasure of information that you were not taught in most history classes. 

You'll find an assortment of conspiracies investigated dating from the murder of Abraham Lincoln to the Iran / Contra era of  political intrigue.  Produced by ConspiracyScope the Mae Brussell archive is home to 295 episodes.  This kind of information about forgotten events from the past is helpful for understanding what is happening today.  After all, the more things change the more they stay the same. 

After listening to a few of these programs you may find yourself spontaneously cursing at different times of the day for no apparent reason.  

If you're suspicious don't be afraid to speak up and above all don't be afraid of information.  Fake news is not a bad thing.  You don't have to approach the news as a believer, you have a brain.  It may turn out for the best to consider all news fake and make your own decisions.  Believers are wanted, even required, in a society such as American society.  Benjamin Franklin, one of the so called founding fathers, claimed it was the citizens first responsibility to question authority.  If you're a citizen believe nothing, question everything the government tells you.  It's what patriots and good citizens do.  When a government gets antsy when it's citizens begin to ask serious questions those citizens become in grave danger. But a good citizen will STEP OUT OF LINE and SPEAK HIS or HER mind.

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