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Monday, December 05, 2016

Requiem For Mother Earth (a video)

As most sane people know the earth as a living system, and those dependent on that living system are being systematically destroyed by those who place the value of the profit motive over the value of the principles that support life and well-being.   I made the video to respond to the systematic despoiling of the living environment by those for whom profit is the meaning of life. 

In a metaphorical sense those who destroy the earth for profit are motherfuckers.  Why is it these metaphorical motherfuckers are welcome in the offices of our elected representatives? If we could stop these motherfuckers from having influence with lawmakers we might be able to save Mom, the kids and the future. Does that sound like a good idea?  

If the problem of environmental collapse is real it seems that we can solve it easily by forbidding political intercourse between motherfuckers and lawmakers.   We can ban motherfuckers, or we can hire honest lawmakers.  Either of those solutions would offer an improvement over the present "drill baby drill" environment of the motherfuckers. 

Came across this news today.  In case you did not know North Dakota alone has had 85 pipeline accidents in the last 20 years.  About four a year.  So you can see the Water Protectors are not the troublemakers. 

Enjoy this old song.

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