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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Fire Sale" video and poem

Click on the title to hear the poem read

There's 6  days of food left
with 9 days to go,
Congress don't give a shit
they've shown us all so,

they cut off the food stamps
without batting an eye
while hanging the poor
on the line to dry.

Life in the U.S. hurts
more and more
and no one’s sure
if Congress is the pimp
or if it’s the whore.

They've got money for wars,
money for banks,
Congress is looking
like a brothel of skanks.

There's 6 days of food left
and 9 days to go
life in the U.S.
hurts, you know.

People go hungry
and freeze to death in the streets
while Congress sits by the fireside
sipping wine with their meat.

(C) By David H. Roche

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