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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sand Dollar decorative poster by David H. Roche

Sand dollars are one of the varied forms of life on the planet. It's clear the imagination of the creative impetus of the biosphere has not been handicapped in the task of maintaining a diversity of life forms.  The sand dollar is known by various names according to WIKIPEDIA.   In New Zealand the creature is called a 'Sea Cookie'  or 'Snapper Biscuit'.  In South Africa they are known as 'Pansy Shells'.  

Whatever you have come to call them they are all similar, being put together with their inside being their outside. Which leads them to be referred to as 'exoskeletons'  meaning they have skeletons, called 'tests', on the exterior of their bodies. 

Their empty skeletons have the texture of stone or concrete. The exoskeleton is made from carbon carbonate. However they are lighter than what you might expect and are brittle.

The sand dollar feeds on microscopic nutrients in the sandy sea bottom  It filters the material and 'eats' with a mouth in its underside.   The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a fact filled page on the lifestyle and environmental needs of the sand dollar. The Seattle Times  has some in-depth insights into the kind of life awaiting infant sand dollars.  When they are small they are called 'sand dimes'.  No kidding, read the article at the link, they're crusty little critters well suited to do what they spend their time doing.

Below is a poster I made of the beautiful designs in the sand dollar exoskeleton. I thought it was pretty enough to make into a poster.  The design inspires a peaceful and quiet state of mind. The subdued earth tone colors of the borders add to the sense of tranquility. The poster is available for sale at 'Art From Another Dimension' at Just click on the image if you are interested in the poster. Or click on the hyperlink to browse through my entire store.

The 'Sand Dollar' poster will add a bit of peace and beauty to a wall near you.

Sand Dollar: art from nature by David H. Roche
Sand Dollar: art from nature by David H. Roche by Hermenutic
Look at more Sand dollar Posters at zazzle

Photographs and art by David H. Roche (C) 2014

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