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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Water Fowl NOT Water Fouled: nature photography by David H. Roche

(photography by David H. Roche (C) 2014

How does the water become unfit to sustain life?  Let me give you a few bits of information as to the ways this happens.  In West Virginia a corporate polluter took away the right to clean safe drinking water from 300,000 people by their business practices.   You may have seen this in the news.  Even the mainstream press reported on this action by a major polluter. There have been no arrests.  It may not even be against the law.

It is reported on the Young Turks and other publications that the co-founder of this business, "Freedom Industries" is a two time convicted felon.  He was a drug dealer and tax evader and got caught.  Nice guy.

Below are some instances and ways in which water becomes unfit for use by living creatures.  Read the information at the links and inform yourself and then decide what needs to be done. 

1.  Bakken Shale:   At the link you can read a case history about how oil production has imperiled the drinking water of Poplar Montana.

2.  Causes and effects of water pollution:   Go Green Academy has an easily understandable explanation  as to how water becomes unfit for use.  There are many ways, all of them associated with the lifestyle required by the status quo.  It's only one page.  Read it and educate yourself.

3.  Water Pollution in the U.K.   The U.S. in not the only nation which has allowed it's water to be imperiled. The water in the U.K. is not the best in the world.

4.  Ask an Earth Scientist how water pollution comes about.  Dr. Ken Rubin places a large amount of the cause of pollution on the lifestyle we have chosen to live.  What an irony it is that our way of life is perhaps the greatest threat to our ability to continue to live on the planet.

5.  USA Today reports that four states have confirmed water pollution from the drilling for oil and gas.

6.  Agricultural practices and industrial farming  are major sources of ground water contamination.

The problem is not fabricated.   It is not exaggerated. What should be done?

I made the video, "Water Fowl NOT Water Fouled"  after photographing some wild birds who come to a nearby pond. The Canada Geese are a most impressive bird.  They cannot live without access to ample clean water producing healthy food supplies for them to eat. 

a Clear Running Water state of mind
Below is an environmentally conscious post card I have created. It is for sale at "Art From Another Dimension" at If you are interested the post card can be purchased after clicking on the image. You may want to share this information about the threatened water supply, the post card is an attractive and effective way to encourage thought on the topic of water quality.
Take Care Of The Water
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