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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Making Ripples: nature photography

This evening a few minutes before the sun stopped shining and the night drew on I took some photos.  The colors were soothing and the ripples in the water produced a hallucinatory sensation.

The pond has full time residents which include a domestic duck, and wild Mallards and Coots.  

On occasion Canada Geese will stop.  Today a Heron came and stayed long enough for me to take a picture from the opposite end of the pond. 

The sunlight on the water and the motion of the ripples are able to produce a trance. If one lets go of his thoughts he might disappear into the moment.

I tried to capture the magic of the moment in the video below. Enjoy.

Photography, video and text (C) 2014 David H. Roche
Take Care Of The Water

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