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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Boo and Lucky. This was a common sight. Boo and Lucky could be found snuggling at some point every day.

Boo got a fast growing cancer. You can see it on her thigh. She died after having her leg amputated. Lucky was at loose ends when Boo was no longer around. It was clear to me her absence unsettled Lucky.

Lucky is now the only cat remaining from New York. Those missing have been replaced by three kittens given me by God and one by the local pound.

On the bedspread with Lucky are Bobbi, Not-Spot, Spot and Kali.

Lucky loves his new housemates. When Five, the last of my cats from New York, died Lucky was visibly upset as he was when Boo died. I went to the pound and rescued Bobbi and he loved that. Now with the kittens he seems well adjusted and happy.

Lucky was a stray picked up in a parking lot after being abandoned as a small kitten. That is how he got his name.

Photos and text (C) 2012 David H. Roche
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