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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Political Nightmare

Politics Is For Dreamers

Politics is for dreamers
who dream awake or asleep;
leaving the rest of us wonder
about saving body and soul
while politicians dream the dreams
we read in the news.

Politicians must think this is what we want.

I visited the Portland Vietnam Memorial. It is a solemn place. A wonderful large open area full of roses and spaces of natural green and quietness that leads to a place where missing people are mentioned by name. Those named are those who never came back and were never heard from again after entering the contrived hell of the Vietnam War.

From there the path leads to a tranquil forest like setting where all dissolves into peace and tranquility. It is a peacefully designed setting which leads you to wonder at the wisdom of letting other people make choices for you. I was deeply silenced after leaving this place.

Today politicians are still dreaming.

Click to see a photographic visit to the Portland Vietnam Memorial.

All images and words by David H. Roche(C)2012 a Clear Running Water state of mind.

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