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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saints, Sinners and Others

I began playing with an image of flames which I had snapped in my wood stove a few years ago. The 'spirit' like figures are portions of the flame I zoomed in on. I thought they looked enough like forms to convey the idea of 'Spirits'. The other images are those I made at different times while playing around with images and

The street scene consists of the flame images as well as the diner. I attempted to produce a bewildering sense of intoxication and hallucination. The initial image of the diner and sidewalk was titled 3 a.m.

All night diners in the wee hours are neat. All kinds of people, in all sorts of states of mind come in at 3.a.m

The video is made up of the art and of Christian evangelists preaching to passengers in passing cars and warning them of their impending appointment with hell.

They were on all 4 corners of a very busy intersection. Several held books in their hands. I couldn't tell how many of them were shouting at the passing cars. But they waved their books in the air as they shouted. Some of them were carrying signs.

(C) 2012 David H. Roche a Clear Running Water state of mind

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