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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Coot In A Pond On A Sunny Day

Coots are aquatic birds but they are not properly called ducks. They do this on sunny days and rainy days and never seem to complain. Their feet look like a chicken's foot that started to become webbed and didn't quite finish the task. They are as much at home on the land and adapt readily to the presence of humans who feed them. On land their mannerisms resemble those of chickens; that and their black plumage lead them to be called Mud Hens.

I was intrigued at the way the image of the coot and its reflection are not the same. I did not alter it to look like that. The coot has it's bill shut, but in the reflection on the water it's bill is wide open. An interesting look simultaneously at one thing from two sides.

This is an artistic event that occurred after meditating on the coots who had just finished mating in the yard across the street before I went out with the camera.

Art, video and photographs (C) 2012 by David H. Roche
a Clear Running Water state of mind

You can read a brief article about the North American Coot by clicking on the title.

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