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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mother Earth Blues

I began with this picture and wanted to see what was in it. It is a rock on the sand of the beach at Hug Point along the North Coast of Oregon. When I took the picture I could see shapes in it that were made by nature. I emphasized them to differing degrees in the images following.

I was really intrigued by what appeared to be a body stretched out on the left side of rock. There is a main face and numerous faces within the body of the rock. I named the resulting art 'Mother Earth' with the idea in mind that from the earth the forms of life have emerged.

I added a landscape to remove the glaring white in the upper left corner'

Another variation in an overall brighter presentation shows the features I had seen at first when I took the original picture. I copied some features, not many to create a sense of balance. I sharpened and highlighted the shapes I saw. In this image the figure of the 'body' on the left is quite clear.

One last version of it. The different emergent forms are plainly visible the presentation is in an earth type of color tone.

This last image is the result of playing with the fractal tool to which I added the original picture. I altered this quite a bit and it was fun to make. I named it 'En Garde'

This song by the Doors came to mind as Mother Earth appeared sorrowful and worried for her offspring.

All photographs and text created by David H Roche (C) 2012
a Clear Running Water state of mind.

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