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Friday, April 13, 2012

Apparitions On The Window

While waking this morning the sun was rising. There was condensation beaded on the glass. In the background a mile away are the foot hills about 3 miles inland from the Pacific. The sun burned its way through the passing scud. I took the following two images of the scene thinking they would hold some interesting features. Well before I was done with the pictures the moisture had evaporated. Click on the images to enlarge them.

The image in the window opened itself up with information consisting of light, angle, temperature, refraction and consciousness.

I like to work on an image in increments that build on each other. Always looking for more in the image.

At some point I saw a figure in prayer emerge. The changes come about as a result of fiddling with the tools that alter what is present. For the most part I did not add anything.

As the image revealed its contents I had the idea of adding a few ducks and a moon. The 'pond' was there already due to the splotch of white made by the blaze of the sun. I placed the ducks into it and because the scene had changed into a nightitme scene I put the moon in as well.

As I approached this point in the images release of information I understood this was a petitioner in prayer asking for wisdom. The understanding brought to mind an old Emmylou Harris / Gram Parsons song. Click. I added a sparkle of light in his brain as a response to the greater lights and greater mind.

Well before getting done with the images I saw all the moisture on the window had evaporated. It looked like this.

I thought of how the bible speaks of man in terms of transience, appearing and disappearing like a flower of the field or the grass that withers in the sun.

Our impermanence is a link to our greater self. We should ask for wisdom regarding how to see it that way in order to find liberation.

The answers Jesus gave when it was enquired of him how anyone could give up their life for his teaching made many walk with him no more.

The history of the human race is told in the Judeao-Christian format by means of the concept of wisdom. Man's trouble began, according to this creation myth, with obtaining wisdom. Human history is the result of him using that wisdom.

The teaching of Jesus was not easily explained to people who knew life only as flesh and blood mortals. So when he makes outrageous statements such as denying Mary and his siblings are his mother and siblings it appears to make no sense. Everyone knew darn well they were his mother and siblings.

But his teaching of the Kingdom of God was intended to take them into another paradigm in which the concept made sense. Old wine Old skins, new wine, new skins. Flesh spirit. The knowledge of Christ is meant to do this. But the wise let wisdom do what wisdom does and do not take charge. The Christian calls this faith in Christ.
In these passages Jesus reveals the basis for the blessed hope.

I made a video yesterday. It involved the purpose of windows. Click to see it.

All images (C) 2012 David. Roche
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