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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Trip Across The Street

Toward evening I went out with my camera. The light was 'different' from what it had been all day and it made me think I might get something a little different. I like to take natural themes, settings scenery etc and then just look into them and see what else is inside. By merely rearranging the original components something can be enhanced or something entirely different can be made to appear. The concepts behind that premise intigue me.

I understand the human situation to be one that is bound up in a continuously unfolding process. Some refer to it as the 'Way' that can be seen or named. It is not the real 'Way', but the one that can be approached and understood in some degree. There is a Tao behind the visible Tao that is teaching the meaning of itself by the visible Tao. The Lao Tzu or Tao is a fundamental building block of my overall spiritual worldview. From the understanding of the empty bowl, or untooled block of wood I bring the concept of unlimited potential residing in every image.

So I stepped out for a few minutes and took some pictures. I had been attracted by the black and white pair of ducks.

This is the one I began with. It was not sharply focused. But I liked the sensation caused by the reflection and the ripples on the water.

I worked on it for a while and came up with several variations. One of them is below. It is interesting to look at, but has a befuddling effect.

Meanwhile, after returning to the yard I took a picture of some cherry blossoms. The ones below.

You're not going to believe what came out of these cherry blossoms.

A serpent! I began by simply covering the image in small tiles. I put four sections of sligtly different sized tiles over the cherry blossoms and began to manipulate selected portions with different tools to distort shape and color. The only thing from outside the original image is where I painted it's tongue and put eyeballs in. All the rest are just original parts moved around and recolored. It blows my mind to see it turned out to be a snake. I was just as surprised as Eve.

I never would have guessed either of the original images were hiding the second image. The potential was evidently there, it needed the addition of consciousness added via software to provide the 'intelligence' necessary to manipulate the individual increments of the original images. That is an example of the interdependence interlocking all things.

Photographs text and art (C) 2012 David H. Roche

a Clear Running Water state of mind

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