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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Karmic Mirror

Karmic Mirror is a poem I wrote while considering the meaning of emptiness and the transience of life along with the Buddhist idea of the Empty Mirror If you click the highlighted text you will find a discussion of the meaning of the 'Empty Mirror'. This is an amazing concept to engage life with. Click here for a video titled: "Empty Mirror-Life in a Zen Buddhist Monastery"

In the Dharma, which I also associate with the Logos of western thought, I find the immediate presence of the living thing I find myself in. Paul, in the New Testament, wrote of God as being that in which we live and move and have our being. Finding the mirror empty is when the realisation of being in God speaks to us with persuasive power.

Failing to find an empty mirror means we are left with the transient changing face we see every day. A face with a certain appointment with disease suffering and death.

The Gospel like the Dharma involves information calculated to remove the image of flesh from the mirror. The Gospel is the transmission of information from and about the source of the universe. It reveals the eternal truth the illusion created by flesh and blood hides from us. In the Logos we are able to find the mirror empty and recognize our genuine nature.

The empty mirror is an image, a concept, a way of approaching the task of finding ones identity. A means of finding the face we had before we were born.

Karmic Mirror

In the mirror I see
a visage of flesh, a once familiar face, a refugee
from yesterdays classrooms,
dinner tables,
and bedrooms;
days spent denying the longing for a mirror
with no reflection.

'Karmic Mirror' (C) 2012 by David H. Roche
a Clear Running Water state of mind.


Anonymous said...

great poem on Karma!

The Shaman said...

Thank you.

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