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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Barrel Of Cats

I began with a picture of two of my cats in a patch of sunlight and ended with a video involving the photographs and their origin. You can see the video by clicking the text in the last sentence at the bottom of the page.

The process of changing the image is fascinating. It helps focus the mind. While concentrating the mind is freed to act independently by the spontaneous choice of tools. Mind, body and tool work together.

The interesting aspect of doing this kind of thing with images is seeing how color and light affect an image.

I decided to stop with the image below. 'A Barrel of Cats'

And when I thought I was all done I decided to make a video. In the original folder I found video of the cats in the picture. It includes 'Five' who was born on April Fools day 1996 and died while I was away over Christmas in 2010. It felt funny to see him moving again when I know he's sleeping under the grass in the yard. Click here to see the video.

Images and text (C)2012 David H. Roche
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