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Friday, April 27, 2012

Aum, Creation, Being

The picture below is made from the photographs of a cherry leaf, a flame and my consciousness combined with the use of a software tool. Too many other factors are involved to mention, but lead to the conclusion of all events being interdependent and the result of karma reaping previous sowing.

I've been reading creation stories; Hindu, Jewish and Christian sources. Each source reports creation resulting from sound.

For Jews God 'spoke'.

For Christians the 'Word' is responsible for creation.

In the Upanishads AUM is the sound associated with creation and the maintaining of the universe.

The way of life in societies based on calendars and clocks, must seem like a slap in the face to God. God placed the sky above us as a calendar. The Christian church thought God's idea was a bad idea and produced calendars to take its place. Not too much complaint of this has been heard. In a sense, God was put in a box and you have been sent to work. Meaning that you have lost your birthright and been sold a bill of goods.

It wasn't always so. (click the link. Alan Watts The Book; on the taboo against knowing who you are pops up.) There's something in man resonating with the universe and for good reason. He came from it. It is his place of origin and has produced and is producing his being. The deepest part of his nature is a mirror of these relationships.


Image and text (C)2012 David H. Roche. All else belongs to its creator.

a Clear Running Water state of mind.

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