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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Inside out

Click on the images for enlargement.

To begin with the first three images are ordinary street scenes taken at mid-day. You do not see the original. I began to transform the original. I like to think of the process as turning the image inside out. Sometime I invert the colors. Sometime I run them to their extremes or change them altogether. The intent behind the activity is to see what is inside. The three images are part of a development titled "Visitation".

There is a sense of mysticism involved in that I approach this with a transcendentalist perspective. The lecture 'Nature' by Ralph Waldo Emerson is a fine, if not long winded, consideration of nature from a transcendentalist perspective. The complete lecture is available as an audiobook free of charge from LibriVox.

I also approach this artifice playfully. It's like going for a walk and finally seeing the dragon who, up to now, has always been in the adjoining county. I'm always surprised at the change from the original. And, to refer back to the transcendental aspect, I view this as the illumination of the object on some level.

The process itself is quite absorbing.

The last image is an inversion of two images melded together. That and color manipulation produced a surreal effect. I began with this as my 'canvas'. From there I added stock images of my own creation and enhanced several features I had made note of in the original.

I felt I could achieve the effect I did achieve and was glad of that. The last image is titled "Enchanted Evening".

All the images and text (C) 2012 David H. Roche
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