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Monday, April 09, 2012

"Wild Thing": coming to Love Jimi

In 1970 I still liked rock and roll the way Elvis did it. It took a while to realize Jimi was a genius. If Elvis was 'rock', Jimi is 'God'. That's the facts and no disrespect to the 'real' God intended.

The intent of my sentiment springs from the thought that between Elvis on the Ed Sullivan national broadcast, 1956, and Jimi at Monterey something relating to being human was transcended musically and culturally. Watch the faces in the audience as Jimi burns his guitar on stage. It's like making love.

Jimi did not appear from a vacuum. Jerry Lee Lewis was one predecessor who broke the rules and didn't look back. Jerry Lee may be seen as a transition from Elvis to Jimi in the American music experience. I would suggest they are both landmarks of American society.

As far as making love goes in the 50's the area below the waist of Elvis Presley, which moved with the music, was censored. This exhibits the progression of a nation's basic ethic. This ethic has resulted in attacking religious beliefs and condemning political thought.

The image above (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT) I made to go with the video below: 'Red House' containing what some think of as representative of Jimi's greatness as a bluesman with the axe. If it's the best that is in question, if it is 'good' that is not in question. Enter the Red House. It's Saturday night and you've got dollars in your pocket.

I hadn't realized that Jimi had written Red House The song sounds like it could have been written by any of his many predecessors. The blues do not reside in one heart only, the blues, live in the heart of man which is the current of a river continually shifting. How many have got to this place and could go no further? As long as she's been doing it right.

Text and image (C)2012 David H. Roche
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